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Cyanogen 7.2.0 Update on my Evo Shift

The stable release of CM 7.2.0 was released on June 16 and of course I jumped right in on day 1 and did an update to my phone. [..]

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Installing a Cyanogen 7 on my Evo Shift

Below are the steps that I took to updating my Evo Shift from 2.3.3 to cyanogen 7.2 RC2.  So far RC2 seems really stable.  I haven’t tested the [..]

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SD Card not working on my HTC Evo Shift

Here is a small issue that I ran into. After upgrading my HTC Evo Shift to Gingerbread I discovered that I could no longer connect my phone to [..]

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Gingerbread Update for rooted Sprint HTC Evo Shift

This weekend I updated my Spring HTC Evo Shift to Gingerbread (Android 2.3).  There was a pushed update by Sprint, but since I had rooted my phone it [..]

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