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“New to Me” Brew Toys Upgrade

In a fortunate sighting on Craigslist, and a very understanding wife, I was able to get some “new to me” equipment for very very cheap to allow me [..]

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All Grain Upgrade Plan

I’m getting ready to make the leap into all grain brewing and am pretty excited, but I want to do it right.  I don’t want to buy things [..]

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Jeep 730N RHR Nav Display Upgrade

Well it turns out Jeep has done a pretty bad job of maintaining the navigation unit software which has been buggy at best.  In our case it is [..]

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SD Card not working on my HTC Evo Shift

Here is a small issue that I ran into. After upgrading my HTC Evo Shift to Gingerbread I discovered that I could no longer connect my phone to [..]

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